Harbour authority extends trust in Nedap technology

Groenlo, The Netherlands

Since 2005, the Antwerp Harbour Authority has relied on Nedap's AEOS access control platform. Now, some 12 years later, the Harbour Authority is expanding its system seamlessly to its prestigious new headquarters.

The new Havenhuis was recently opened, bringing together technical and administrative services from various locations in the harbour area. One of the 500 users of this new architecturally stunning building is network engineer Marc de Caluwé. “Good security is very important. That's why we equipped a large part of the 56 building complexes on our 120km² harbour area with the AEOS access control platform, back in 2005. So, for us, it's a logical choice to add the new Havenhuis to the system."

"We have our own 170km long fibre-optic network. That network is the backbone of our activities, so naturally we maintain it well. We selected AEOS in 2005 because it's IP-based, meaning that we could connect it to the fibre-optic network. If our fibre-optic network is running, then our access control system is running too. But AEOS even keeps functioning if our network fails, providing us optimum security at all times.

“Another reason for selecting AEOS at that time and for expanding it now to the new Havenhuis is the compatibility with Alfapass. We currently manage 5000 (Alfapass) cards in AEOS. These are used by both employees and shippers and trucks that come to load and unload. The card gives them access to all of the harbour buildings applicable to them, both in Antwerp and in Zeebrugge. Now, after 12 years, we have 385 doors responding to AEOS. And we’re still counting.

"We used to have key plans with which we provided keys to our employees for all our buildings. That was difficult to manage and time-consuming. Using AEOS, we were able to simplify our key plans drastically - saving us considerable time and money. Moreover, those few keys still in circulation are much easier to manage by integrating Traka key cabinets in AEOS. Whenever somebody takes a key from the cabinet and doesn't return it, we know who has which key. This way, we are certain that the keys get returned to the right place and don't get lost," asserts Marc de Caluwé.

The new Havenhuis has made the parking places more available using Sensit technology from Nedap Identification Systems. This product decreases the number of drivers searching for places in the parking areas at the new Havenhuis by giving them clear insight into the number of available parking places.

The new Havenhuis also equipped its publicly accessible library with antitheft detection from Nedap Library Solutions to reduce book theft.

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Photo courtesy of University of Nottingham

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in September the University of Nottingham will launch a pilot, using fingerprint technology for student registration at compulsory lectures and exams – 40 fingerprint units and 15 USB enrollment readers will be installed. The fingerprint identification readers are developed by TBS and are fully integrated with Nedap’s AEOS, the university’s current physical access control system. Hunter Communications Services is responsible for the implementation.

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