Dell partners with Iomniscient

Dubai, U.A.E

At the Intersec Exhibition in Dubai, Dell and Iomniscient launched their Intelligent IoT Gateway now due to be available from both companies.

As the world moves to IoT, data has to be collected from multiple sensors (eg video, sound and smell). This data must be analysed and understood.  

While the Gateway can trigger an “Autonomous Response” based on the information it extracts from the data, this information can also be sent to a centalised location where it can be analysed further. The Dell-Iomniscient intelligent IoT Gateway is designed to fulfil this function.

The Dell-iOmniscient Intelligent IoT Gateway is a rugged device that can accept and analyse information from video, sound and smell data (very much like a human can).  It can operate in the snow fields of Alaska (-30°C) or the deserts of Saudi Arabia (+70°C). It can withstand vibrations, rain, snow and dust storms. It can connect to any IP camera, any microphone and to specialized smell sensors. It is designed to be worry-free because the hardware comes with a 3-year onsite service warranty from Dell.

Additionally, it is embedded with one of the world’s most intelligent multi-sensory analytics software from Iomniscient which can analyse video, sound and smell, and its video analytics includes face recognition, license plate recognition and behaviour analytics which can operate together on the same camera. It also has the unique, patented ability to do things in a crowd, that is face recognition in a crowd, or finding an abandoned object.  Detection in a crowd and theft detection in a crowd, according to the company make this the only system that can offer working solutions for Smart Cities and complex distributed outdoor commercial environments.

The system also offers solutions for specific use cases for 30 different industries from banks to shopping malls and from city councils to defence. The data can be significantly compressed and sent to the cloud or some other central location for Big Data analysis without losing any important information.  The system can automatically find the nearest first responder and instruct them on where to go and what to do.

Iomniscient adds that its technology can save up to as much as 90% on infrastructure costs and response times for incidents can be reduced by up to 80%.


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Photo courtesy of University of Nottingham

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