ACIC surveillance protects historic train station

Mons, Belgium

ACIC has been selected by the City of Peruwelz, the Dherte company and the architects of Adem for the provision and deployment of an intelligent video surveillance network at the Peruwelz train station in Belgium.
This train station dates from the nineteenth century and was bought by the City council. It is a beautiful and typical building of the era and, as a result, it was therefore classified as a listed building and is now protected by the public authorities.

An important project of restoration work was started at the station two years ago. This large investment is supported mainly by the Walloons Region of Belgium. It is a natural solution to put great emphasis on the protection of this asset, which is situated in an urban and potentially risky area.

In this project ACIC is responsible for the provision of an advanced CCTV system, IP cameras, NAS storage and also its video content analysis solution customised to meet the requirements of this urban context. This network can be connected to the local police monitoring system.

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