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Protecting people, assets and data through secure identification and access control

For over 20 years, we have been inventing and supplying identification products and solutions for High Security physical and logical access control, Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) and industrial asset tracking in harsh environments such as aerospace, defense, oil and gas…

We help companies, governments and industries around the world ensure easy and secure management of digital identity by developing smart identification solutions based on cutting-edge RFID, NFC and Bluetooth® Smart technologies, and Internet of Things (IoT).

Our self-standing and innovative contactless identification solutions have been designed to make your job easier. With STid Security, we provide identification tools that adapt to your existing processes and equipment. We deliver seamless access controls for your staff and vehicles, while ensuring the highest standard of security.

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Access Control
Access Control
Fingerprint readers


STid Mobile ID® – Mobile Access Control Solution Using Smartphones

STid Mobile ID® brings the access badge onto Android™ and iOS® smartphones. It can work alongside, extend or replace traditional RFID access cards. You can now open a door without getting your phone out of the pocket. Simply swipe your hand across the access reader, even while you are making a phone call or when your phone is in your pocket. The Offline and Online architectures enable organizations to remain autonomous and independent with access rights management.


Architect® - First Upgradable Range of High Security Access Readers

With its range of innovative Architect® readers, STid has created the perfect blend of High Security and upgradability. This is the first modular range of secure RFID, NFC (HCE) and Bluetooth® Smart readers offering both flexibility and simplicity. Architect® readers are based on a common smart RFID and Bluetooth® Smart core to which various interchangeable modules can be connected, such as card reader, keypad, touch screen, biometric device, 125 kHz module...The Architect® range is fully customizable: logo printing, 360 colors of LEDs,


ATEX & IECEx Certified Readers for Hazardous Areas

STid offers a wide range of ATEX & IECEx certified proximity or long range readers, for all your applications in explosive environments: high security access control, vehicle identification, fleet management… The Ex II 2 GD IP66 explosion-proof readers are well suited to the chemical or petrochemical industries, refineries, nuclear power plants, distilleries, mines… Several reader versions are available: 125 kHz, 13.56 MHz MIFARE® or LEGIC®, UHF internal or external antenna(s)…


Vehicle and Driver Identification Solutions

STid has developed innovative ranges of passive RFID UHF and Bluetooth® Smart readers and tags to optimize and improve vehicle flows. Our instinctive technologies combine security and ease of use. Our solutions are designed to cover all Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) applications: access control for stationary or moving vehicles, driver identification, fleet management, weighing, etc.


Hands-free Identification Solutions

STid offers hands-free access control solutions which do not require users to take their card out of their pocket or bag. Our solutions provide smooth access that complies with usage constraints: identification of drivers without needing to open windows, identification of operators whose hands are full, compliance with hygiene rules in hospital environments, etc.



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