Avigilon Blue platform launches in UK

Vancouver, Canada and London, UK

The Avigilon Blue solution enables flexible site monitoring and utilises analytics that provide important information about the site

Avigilon Corporation is launching its Avigilon Blue cloud services platform in the United Kingdom. It provides an easy-to-install, cloud-based video security solution with features and capabilities that allows them to remotely monitor and manage more sites with fewer resources.

Partners can easily monitor the health of customer sites, update configurations and deploy system updates, all remotely.

Other key benefits of the Avigilon Blue platform for partners and end-users include patented Avigilon self-learning video analytics, a technology that works with almost any IP camera already installed on site, to recognise threats with greater accuracy.

In addition, with easy and secure access to video via the Avigilon Blue Mobile app or a desktop browser, users can verify video clips instantly on site or remotely. The system also helps to provide a recurring monthly revenue opportunity for partners, while end-users enjoy the peace of mind of predictable fees for video security services.

Patented Avigilon bandwidth saving technology provides users the simplicity of using a standard internet connection, helping keep internet connectivity costs down.

The Avigilon Blue solution is ideal for small and medium size businesses and distributed enterprises. It provides flexible security by allowing businesses to monitor their own security operations or enable third-party remote video monitoring service providers that use technology like I-View Now or Sureview Systems to monitor their sites.

“The Avigilon Blue video security platform continues to help customers globally to stay secure,” said Ryan Nolan, senior vice president of Commercial Operations at Avigilon. “We are excited to expand the Avigilon Blue platform into the United Kingdom, helping our partners create a new recurring monthly revenue stream. End-users benefit from a simple and highly effective video security solution to keep their businesses safe.”

The Avigilon Blue platform is expected to launch in the UK in the coming weeks. 


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