Xtralis adds threat detection to Adpro Fasttrace

Dublin, Eire

Xtralis is this week unveiling a series of downloadable multi-service capabilities for the Adpro Fasttrace 2/2E remotely managed multi-service gateway (RMG).

The Fasttrace 2/2E is a 4-to-20-channel platform for video recording, bi-directional audio for deterrence, transmission over any network, and offers remotely downloadable software analytics to eliminate threats to a facility through automatic visual detection and verification. This platform not only provides detection and reliable transmission, but also offers flexible multi-service capabilities that can be tailored to a particular application. The RMG is a disruptive technology in this industry as it opens up the world of downloadable, remotely managed, multi-service capabilities. The RMG makes it easy for a CMS or key holder to download and deploy detection, verification, and response services that help them manage, protect, and monitor their site like never before. This unique solution provides superior detection capabilities for a proactive security approach and is up to 86% lower in total cost of ownership (TCO) than solutions combining discrete recording, transmission (for remote access over any network), and analytics capabilities.

The downloadable multi-service capabilities include a variety of safety and security services such as Adpro Intrusiontrace, a proven intrusion detection analytic that is i-LIDS approved as a primary detection system for operational alert use in sterile zone monitoring applications and ADPRO Loitertrace, an established detection analytic for unauthorised loitering in indoor and outdoor applications. 

Thousands of challenging sites rely on IntrusionTrace every day to provide reliable detection and visual verification and it was enhanced to provide configurable directional areas to produce an alarm when a target moves in a specific direction. It also offers enhanced spider and rain suppression to achieve best detection and no false alarm results for the most complex applications. Adpro Loitertrace has also achieved great success in many applications where monitoring of unauthorised loitering in indoor and outdoor applications is critical.  These analytics are available on Xchange for the Fasttrace 2/2E.

The RMG’s power is extended through the enhanced Adpro Itrace, a downloadable remote video verification software application, to enable a user to view an event at their protected site from anywhere and utilise the multi-service capabilities of the RMG: event notification, commands, and audio talk-down to respond appropriately.  The application, now available for Apple and Android devices, is wirelessly connected to the Fasttrace 2/2E or Heitel Video Gateway at the site and provides multiple services at the fingertips.  View 3 event snapshots and a playback sequence in the event quad view to quickly identify and verify the threat to your site. The RMG can be configured to send email event notifications to your smartphone or tablet, providing a quick update of the event that occurred at the site with a quick access button to View Event in the Itrace application.  Easily manage and control doors, gates, lights or other devices remotely within the site commands menu of Itrace.  Monitor live audio coming from the site and utilise the live site talk-down feature in Itrace to assess, identify, deter, and/or interrupt the threat behaviour.   Itrace application users can view Intrusiontrace, Loitertrace, and Smoketrace alarms.   Itrace’s premium Icommand features including event notification, site commands, and live site talk-down can be activated for the Fasttrace 2/2E on Xtralis Xchange.

"We are very pleased to see sites we protect adopting the Fasttrace 2E RMG and its multi-service capabilities. We believe in a reliable proactive, intelligent solution that provides not only superior detection but a reliable method for verification to eliminate hoax calls which are very costly to the department and The City of London,” said Sgt. Paul Doyle, City of London Police. "Our initial views with this system were exceeded with the response capabilities and the connectivity to third party sites this system offers. Irespond will provide exceptional intelligence to my colleagues and will allow us to assess the situation visually while enroute so we can better prepare for first time site response. I believe this will reduce the number of hoax calls we respond to, and manage the amount of man power deployed to incidents in the coming years,” added Sgt. Doyle.

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