Worlds smallest day/night Seawolf box cameras

Mountain View, Ca (USA)

Inmotion Ltd has entered production on two record-breaking cameras based on Pixim's new Seawolf chip.

The In22 and In23 are claimed to be the world's smallest true day night Seawolf-powered box cameras. The In22 is single voltage while the In23 is a dual voltage camera with 12VDC and 24VAC.They were on display during the 2011 ASIS International Seminar and Exhibits held earlier this week at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

Based on Seawolf, Inmotion's customers now have access to unobtrusive true day night box cameras with 690 HTVL effective resolution as well as the industry's proven best wide dynamic range. Additionally, the Seawolf-based true day night camera requires just 0.1 lux of illumination to produce accurate colour images at a full 30 frames per second.

"We are excited to be developing another camera based on Seawolf," says Kai Leuze, chief executive officer for Inmotion. "Our existing line of cameras has proven the all-lighting capabilities of Seawolf, and the In22 and In23 will be no exception."

"One of the reasons Seawolf was designed as a single chip rather than with a separate imager and processor was to allow manufacturers to create compact camera formats," explains John Monti, Pixim's vice president of marketing and business development. "It's nice to see a quality manufacturer taking advantage of Seawolf's design and selling into this rapidly growing market segment."

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