Wireless locking combined with access control opens new doors

Watford, UK

Axis Communications and partner Assa Abloy are integrating their technologies to show how advanced access control, together with wireless lock technology, allows control of almost all openings in any environment.

This latest integration of the Axis A1001 network door controller, alongside Assa Abloy’s Aperio wireless lock technology, makes use of Aperio battery-powered cylinders, escutcheons, locks and server rack solutions and enables IT administrators to manage an entire Axis management system from a single, easy-to-use interface. The integrated solution allows for management of wired and wireless doors, with real-time monitored access and detailed audit trails.

The Assa Abloy Aperio wireless lock technology and the Axis Entry Manager provide businesses the flexibility to add access control features to almost every opening in any location. Aperio locks with integrated RFID-readers are wireless, meaning there’s no need for expensive or time-consuming cabling during installation. The Axis A1001 uses Power over Ethernet, also eliminating the need for power cables to the controllers. If requirements change at a facility, such as managers wanting to control access to additional doors, an installer can rapidly and easily fit additional Aperio locks and integrate the doors with the Axis Entry Manager control panel.

“The key advantage of Aperio wireless lock technology is it can bring access control to more doors without breaking the bank and without disruption to major installation works,” states Chris Bone, Vice President Digital and Access Solutions at Assa Abloy EMEA. “Because Aperio is built on open architecture, online integration with the Axis 1001 door controller is seamless. Administrators continue to operate the access management system for wired and Aperio wireless controlled doors from a single interface."

Chris Bone continues, “Aperio locks are also extremely energy efficient. They run on standard batteries, and only ‘wake up’ when prompted by a smart card or other user credential. They are not connected to the mains and use no power when inactive.”

Stephanie Hensler, Director Business Development at Axis Communications, states, “The joint solution fills a market need for smaller installations that require wireless devices. With the Axis A1001, this allows for the easy installation and management of wired and wireless doors within the same solution. Alongside the Aperio wireless access technology, Axis Entry Manager is a complete, scalable, fully integrated and future-proofed access control system.”

One Axis 1001 door controller can manage one wired door and Aperio hub, managing up to nine doors per hub, with AES 128-bit encryption ensuring secure communication between lock and system. Aperio locks are compatible with European, French, Finnish, Scandinavian and Swiss door profiles.


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