Wavestore launches latest video management software

Hayes, Middlesex

Wavestore's latest update of it VMS (video management software), Version 5, incorporates technical advances designed to extend the lifespan of a video surveillance system and reward users with a high return on their investment.
“A combination of original thinking and invaluable input from a large number of our loyal customers has resulted in our software evolving into a truly powerful recording solution with an almost endless list of innovative new features,” said Chris Williams, a Director of Wavestore. “V5 maintains the company’s tradition of providing easy to use open platform video recording solutions whilst its flexibility and scalability sets a new standard in video management.”

Wavestore V5 software allows video images to be configured and displayed on a monitor in a large variety of sizes, formats and positions. It provides the option to switch from classical 1, 4, 9 or 16 camera layouts, to a free-form structure which enables each operator to configure their own unique display.

Large file sizes associated with megapixel cameras can be processed simultaneously with other camera types or video formats.

The simultaneous display of live and pre-recorded video delivers real life practical functionality to operators in a control room environment. if an incident occurs, for example, live camera images can be continually monitored by an operator, who can at the same time, retrieve and review recorded video footage of the developing situation from the same or adjacent cameras.

Ultra-fast evidence enables an operator to retrieve an instantaneous display of video data from any camera and from any previous time/date, regardless of the volume of the storage medium. An operator can scan at an image rate of up to 8192 times the normal viewing rate, either forwards or backwards, or replay at slow speeds down to 1/10 of 1 image per second.

Smart functions further enhance Wavestore’s reputation for innovation and design integrity. For example, following a power failure, the system will automatically restart and continue recording without intervention. A remote access capability negates the need for installation or service personnel to attend the site to implement software upgrades and the same remote secure access capability enables the Wavestore engineering department to provide real time diagnostics and resolve any system issues. The modular design of the software enables it to be upgraded whilst the recording system continues to operate.

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