Visual Management Systems previews Titan AI advanced imaging

Glasgow, UK

The Titan AI Detect solution has been specifically developed for applications where high speed facial detection at an extremely high level of accuracy, is essential and the Titan AI Identify has been created primarily to provide high speed accurate detection, recognition and identification of a subject-of-interest from live or recorded surveillance video.

According to Visual Management Systems, unlike other facial recognition systems,Titan AI Identify and Detect do not use the five or six points of reference methodology and associated algorithms widely used for some other forms of biometric access control. Uniquely, Titan AI utilises the latest Artificial Intelligence, Neural Network and Analytical Techniques to provide high speed, high accuracy facial detection and recognition.

Titan AI Identify and Detect process live real time video, automatically interrogating the image information, detecting and extracting facial data and converting this into a unique code - more than a barcode - almost like a DNA signature. This signature is then used for analysis, matching and presentation purposes.

The unique detection and extraction algorithm and embedded Artificial Intelligence allows Titan AI to operate at a substantially higher speed than a server-based or in-camera edge-based solution. The sophisticated signature analysis and matching topology provides effective levels of accuracy at a significantly lower cost-of-ownership.


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