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Verkada Console

Verkada began as an innovative approach to video security, helping organisations around the world protect their people and assets from harm. As Verkada has expanded, organisations across Europe have been able to leverage the additional power of Verkada’s access control, environmental sensors, and visitor management solutions to improve security and building management.  Now the company completes the portfolio with the addition of Alarms.

With the addition of Verkada’s Alarm solution, the entire Verkada platform is now available in the United Kingdom and across Europe. From single-site retailers to major hospitals, organisations in these countries are now able to leverage the power of the complete Verkada platform.

Verkada Alarms: Cloud-managed intrusion detection

Verkada Alarms is a suite of cloud-managed intrusion sensors and professional monitoring that makes it easier for organisations to detect, verify, and respond to threats in real-time.

Like all Verkada products, Alarms is built on top of Command, the company's web-based platform that lets organisations easily manage physical security across every location. Sites and users can be configured in minutes, with no service fees for setup or configuration changes. Users can see at a glance which sites are armed or disarmed, any recent incidents, and the status of every Alarm device. Sites can be armed or disarmed with a single click, and admins can customise an unlimited list of keyholders that should be notified in case of emergency.

Real-time visual context can be enormously helpful when an alarm is triggered and an incident is potentially in progress. Verkada Alarms includes 24/7 professional monitoring with unlimited video verification bundled into the Alarms licence. When an alarm is triggered, organisations can choose to have video footage of the event sent to a team of trained security experts standing by to review and respond to the incident.

Virtual guard

If there is no visible threat, agents will dismiss the event, helping organisations avoid false alarms. If agents determine the threat to be legitimate, they will immediately notify an organisation’s pre-selected keyholder list via phone, SMS, or email.

In the United Kingdom and Ireland, agents are also able to directly contact emergency services if there is a visible threat in progress, as well as send police live video links to provide crucial context into what is happening on-site.

Complete building coverage

Because Verkada products integrate seamlessly with each other, events from any Verkada device can be used to trigger an alarm. A person appearing on camera after hours, a door being forced open, or a noise level spiking can all be configured as alarm triggers.

For organisations that desire even more complete building coverage, Verkada offers wired and wireless intrusion detection sensors, including door contact, motion detection, glass break, and water leak sensors.

The BP41 Alarm Panel includes 32 wired inputs and allows organisations to pull data from their existing wired sensors into Command. The Panel can also be connected to devices such as sirens or strobe lights, which can be activated remotely via Command to deter intruders.

Verkada’s wireless sensors connect via the BH61 Wireless Hub , which utilises our proprietary wireless communication protocol that is optimised for range, battery life, and network security.

To ensure that alarm devices stay connected in the event of power or internet loss, our Cellular Backup Module provides redundant connectivity via an embedded multi-carrier SIM with automatic failover across multiple LTE networks.

In addition to traditional intrusion sensors, Verkada’s BC51 Alarm Console is a unique, multifunctional device that gives users greater control and visibility into what is happening in a given location.

Multiple options

In an emergency, Verkada Alarms gives staff multiple options to call for help. In addition to digital panic buttons on the Alarm Console, the Alarms mobile app, and on Command, we also offer wireless panic buttons . These can be mounted on a wall or under a desk, or worn on a lanyard or a belt for a constant sense of security.

Admins can customise what happens when a panic button is pressed, from initiating a door lockdown sequence to calling on-site security. Verkada cameras can also be paired with a panic button, allowing admins to immediately pull up video of the area in which a panic button was pressed.

Verkada Alarms is now available in the United Kingdom and many European countries, as well as other countries around the world. Emergency dispatch capabilities are available only in the UK, Ireland, US, and Canada. In the UK and Ireland, customers that desire a police dispatch for alarms must utilise Verkada cameras with video verification.


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