UTN new housing withstands extreme weather at 50 degrees below zero

Taipei, Taiwan

Unitechno Corporation, known for the UTN brand, have released their latest intelligent camera housing, designed to maintain camera performance at low ambient temperatures and prevent damage in harsh weather conditions.
The recently released housing device from UTN is an extreme weather protection device for all cameras working at low ambient temperatures down to as low as -50oC. The housing is made of a pressured die-cast aluminum alloy construction with light ivory powder coating and stove finished.

It has been designed with an intelligent E/E device inside to warm up the enclosure and protect the power supply as well as camera before a "power on surge" with almost no waiting time while the temperature is at -10oC.

The housing can be ordered with different power supplies as an option. If the AC80~260V switching power supply is selected, it will operate at 3.5A/DC12V output for the camera and with the AC230V built in heaters are offered within the housing. If an AC24V switching power supply is selected, the same power output will be offered but with built-in AC24V heaters. For Power-over-Ethernet cameras, it is possible to order a 60W PoE device, that requires a Transpac 70W PoE injector as part of the package, to provide features of 10/100Mbps TX/RX, DC48V drive to an IP camera, and DC12V drive to heaters.

For day and night applications, the housing can be attached to an external IR illuminator from UTN or any compliant IR devices that are available on the market. All these flexible and integration options make the UTN latest housing device an ideal protection to all surveillance cameras (including IP cameras) in applications where good performance is required at very low temperatures 24/7.

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