Updated IP license plate recognition solution

Saint-Laurent, Canada

Genetec, a pioneer in the public safety industry, announces the release of AutoVu 4.3, the newest version of its IP license plate recognition solution. In order to improve operational efficiency, AutoVu 4.3 offers new features and functionalities such as real-time alarming and email notification, color, sound and priority assignment to hotlists, covert hit notification, wildcard hotlists, permit sharing and long term overtime.

AutoVu's real-time alarming and email notification quickly informs assigned recipients of matched license plates, known as hits. AutoVu also allows users to assign different priorities to hot lists. Each priority can be configured with a different color and alarm tone, so that officers can be alerted of hits both visually and audibly, so that they can easily identify the type of hit and its importance.

For users who are carrying out a covert investigation and do not want it compromised, covert hit notification, allows to keep a hit concealed. The patroller will not be notified of the hit but the data will be sent directly to the back-office user who will have access to the notification and data instantly.

AutoVu now allows the creation of a wildcard hotlist database; records in that database only include partial license plate numbers. This is a very useful function in situations where witnesses did not see or cannot remember a complete license plate number. This allows the officer to potentially intercept vehicles associated with a crime, that otherwise would not have been detected using standard hot lists.

Permit sharing benefits users who have multiple vehicles registered under the same permit. AutoVu can now detect and notify the parking officer when two vehicles, with the same permit, have been seen on campus or on a street, within a configured time-frame.

Long term overtime, allows parking officers to identify vehicles that have been parked at the same location for a period of one to five days, enabling them to find abandoned vehicles.

"AutoVu is the ideal solution with an extensive feature set for the law and parking enforcement markets," says Manon Blouin, product manager of AutoVu IP License Plate Recognition Solution at Genetec. "AutoVu 4.3 offers valuable tools that allow users to be more productive at their tasks at hand."

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