Surveillance solutions open up new revenue streams

Hangzhou, China

The latest-generation of Hikvision SMB surveillance solutions support enhanced site security for end-users, while providing significant revenue opportunities for the reseller business.

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have many of the same surveillance and security requirements as larger organisations. They need to identify and react to perimeter breaches in real time, and they need to automate footage searches to save time for their security teams.

The challenge is, how can resellers provide small and medium-sized customers sophisticated and highly effective surveillance solutions at a price point that is appropriate for their business? And how can resellers grow their revenues and bottom line in the process?

A result of Hikvision continuously innovating its product lines to deliver cost-effective, high quality surveillance solutions needed by SMBs, means that they can enjoy new levels of site security, while resellers can focus on growing their revenues.

One key technology that can help resellers achieve these goals is Hikvision's Acusense, which makes advanced video content analysis and deep learning capabilities available to SMBs for the first time. This technology gives SMBs a cost-effective way to protect their locations and assets, while helping resellers building a uniquely competitive go-to-market proposition.

Paired with Hikvision cameras such as Colorvu cameras that provide superior video images even at night, the Acusense deep learning algorithm helps SMB customers maximise security with efficient human and vehicle detection. This helps them react to security threats in real time, while significantly reducing false alarms, and associated personnel costs.

Hikvision Acusense works by disregarding natural movements, such as rain or leaves, triggering alerts when vehicles or humans are detected by a camera or a backend NVR/DVR. With automated sound and light alarm functions available in certain models, AcuSense-enabled cameras also detect would-be intruders before a security breach occurs.

Acusense also means that SMB customers get a “quick target search” feature that allows security teams to find footage quickly in the event of a security incident. This saves many hours for teams who would otherwise search for footage manually.

There are very different requirements in the SMB market and Acusense technology provides significant benefits in a wide range of user scenarios in residential estates, small office buildings and factories, retail stores, and hotels, for example.

The Acusense technology allows SMB customers to achieve new levels of perimeter and site security, while reducing manual interventions due to false alarms and enabling major time and cost savings. At the same time, Acusense provides a major opportunity for resellers, helping them to deliver advanced surveillance solutions that were previously out of reach for their SMB customers.


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