Unique 3G wireless intercom comes to Ifsec

Tainan, Taiwan

Gainwise, a company specialising in the design of communication solutions, will showcase its unique 3G wireless intercom, SS1603-12-Multi, that allows the user to open a door or gate from anywhere via a smart phone app.

The 3G wireless intercom, SS1603-12-Multi, is designed with a group of keypads on its surface. Using the keypads to press the account number and dial to the specified user; this way the user is able to use the 3G network and also to control the door entrance. Users can also use the keypads to enter a combination of password to unlock the door.

The 3G wireless intercom can be cascaded for up to 200 apartments in a group. The system can manage up to 1150 user-caller IDs and 384 user-PIN codes for access control; the user can select 1 - 14 digits as his personal PIN code. There are also 2 relay outputs on the intercom to open the gate opening by regular access or by alarm events.

Installation and set-up (via SMS, and/or app) are simple and user friendly. The user is able to receive calls from the intercom and check the log via SMS/email on a mobile from any location. The SS1603-12-Multi is designed with a blue backlit keypad for easy night-time operation. It is made of die-cast aluminum metal in a vandal resistant design for surface or flush mount applications. The unit is available with a 12V - 24V AC/DC input.

Home or office entry control is made easy with the 3G digital GSM intercom system. The 3G intercom allows you to welcome, filter and control visitors to the home or office. Users can deploy the 3G intercom system to remotely open or close entrances, (pedestrian gates, driveway gates, rising bollards, traffic barriers, garage doors, etc) switch on heating, ventilation, air conditioning, pool or fountain pumps that can all be controlled from either a land line handset or a mobile phone. Users can also activate external lighting to make access approach safer at night. The 3G signal gives has been designed to achieve crystal clear digital audio communication.


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