The Enforcer is back on tour for 2019

Rotherham, South Yorkshire (UK)

At distribution centres across the UK professional installers can learn about Pyronix perimeter protection solutions that detect, notify and verify with video verification. The Enforcer on Tour is back and this time the subject is flexible perimeter protection; delivering voice push notifications and full-HD video verification.

Pyronix dedicated Account Managers will be hosting open days at various distribution outlets across the UK throughout May and June, showcasing the full capabilities of the Enforcer system and how Pyronix perimeter protection can deliver a plethora of business growth opportunities.

“Following on from last year’s tour, we’re really excited to bring the Enforcer on Tour back in 2019 across the UK, with all new offerings and features, including full-HD video verification,” Laurence Kenny, Pyronix Marketing Manager.

With Account Managers on-hand at selected distributor outlets across the UK, professional security installers have the opportunity to see the multi-award-winning “installer’s choice” Enforcer system for themselves and how the XDL12TT-WE wireless outdoor detector, sensors, contacts, Wifi cameras and Procontrol+ app can diversify their security offerings and add upselling opportunities.

“We can’t wait to get back on the road and highlight the opportunities that our solutions now offer to businesses,” Laurence said. “By adding the XDL12TT-WE, the system can now be configured to deliver voice push notifications for early warning of intrusion, while adding and linking our cameras also provides full-HD video verification.This provides professional installers with an added layer of security protection; detecting intruders before they can even have the opportunity to break in, while easily upselling to video monitoring and verification."

“Now, installers leave nothing to the imagination of the user, by bridging the gap between assuming and knowing; so whether it’s their children coming home from school, an elderly relative activating a medical alert, or an intruder, they are provided with an immediate voice push notification to alert them, with full-HD visualisation of the event, so that they can see exactly what’s happening."

“By delivering this using the Pyronixcloud and Procontrol+ infrastructure, there is also a wealth of customisation, branding, recurring revenue and increased customer retention benefits to enjoy, with a flexible and easy to fit wireless system.”


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