Texecom upgrades Smartcom firmware

Haslingden, Lancashire

Latest Smartcom firmware upgrade from Texecom

Texecom has recently released the new company's latest Smartcom firmware upgrade - Smartcom V3.0 is available for download and remote upgrade via  the Texecom Cloud or Texecom Connect.

According to Texecom the new Smartcom V3.0 firmware offers significant performance and resilience upgrades, including updated and enhanced Wifi drivers for improved Wifi connectivity; improved automatic Wifi reconnection when router restarts; an updated Linux operating system with the latest IoT security protection; updated LED functionality to ensure consistency with the company's soon to be launched Smartcom 4G.

Smartcom V3.0 LED now also incorporates additional functional features.  For example, this latest version has new LED functionality to ensure consistency between the Smartcom and the upcoming Smartcom 4G.

And with Smartcom V3.0 the power LED has been replaced with a Mobile Comms status LED, again a particular feature of the upcoming Smartcom 4G.  According to the company, the Power LED was unnecessary as at least one other Smartcom LED is always active, indicating power to the unit.


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