TBS introduces unique iris + face detection device

Pfaffikon, Switzerland and London, UK

The TBS 2D Eye overcomes limitations of each individual technology by combining the two together in one device.

TBS Biometrics is introducing a revolutionary reader, featuring combined iris algorithm and face detection. Its distinctiveness comes from the combination of eye and face detection that makes for an even more robust accuracy. The sensor captures the iris of both eyes while the face sensor is used to automatically distinguish the height of the users and adjust.

The TBS 2D Eye overcomes limitations of each individual technology by combining the two together in one device. Its face detection interaction is most convenient for users, while its iris-based identification guarantees some of the highest levels of accuracy delivered by modern technology. Additionally, the 2D Eye allows multi-modal identification by Pin and RFID.

The 2D Eye is part of the TBS Ecosystem and manufactured by CMI Tech, a leader in the biometric iris industry. All TBS Ecosystem products comply with TBS quality standards while developed by a third-party manufacturer and fully integrated by TBS R&D within the powerful TBS Biometric subsystems (web based software/server with biometric core). It makes for an important addition to one of the most complete biometric portfolios.

With a sleek and attractive design, its screen allows for a great deal of interactivity, customisation and notably gives  the opportunity for the user to see themselves during the capture process, similar to facial recognition. According to TBS, pilot users have acclaimed the exceptionally comfortable experience as opposed to traditional iris-based technologies. This has established that the 2D Eye meets the expectations from the users for a “touchless”, convenient and rapid identification.

From corporate offices to airports, government to healthcare, research centres and critical infrastructures, the TBS 2D Eye  provides a solution where security is paramount.

The 2D Eye brings TBS is ever more into the forefront of integrated biometric solutions. Two touchless biometric sensors and four different touch-based fingerprint sensor technologies, complete a compelling portfolio at the disposal of countless system integrators to provide seamless biometric solutions for access control and attendance.


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