Tagmaster launches vacant charging point detector

Stockholm, Sweden

Tagmaster is launching a kit to be used with charging points for electric vehicles to streamline their use.

Tagmaster's sensor-based system identifies vacant charging points and passes on the information to drivers of electric vehicles via traffic management systems. Investments in the expansion of the infrastructure for charging points for electric vehicles are an important part of the ongoing restructuring of the transport sector.

Tagmaster's solution, which is sold to integrators or operators of charging point systems worldwide, consists of sensors that identify whether the charging pole is busy or not, a gateway to pass the information on and antennas to optimise the connection.

“This is a strategically important launch for Tagmaster as it is an important contribution to the transition to electrification that is taking place with increasing force worldwide. This change has been given an extra boost by the many restart packages that have been launched as a result of the corona pandemic", said Jonas Svensson, CEO, Tagmaster.

The investments in an expansion of the infrastructure for charging points for electrical vehicles are massive. The support package of a total of EUR 750 billion that the EU put in place at the end of May included an investment in the restructuring of the transport sector where, among other things, EU funds will be involved in financing one million new charging points for electric vehicles. In France, President Macron has also set the goal of having 100,000 charging points in the country by the end of 2021.

“It is obvious that it is a market with strong growth. Considering that there is a total of just over 150,000 charging points in the EU today, of which 8,000 in Sweden, we believe in a good development for our sensor solution for charging points”, said Jonas Svensson, CEO, Tagmaster.

Tagmaster’s sensor kit for charging points has been developed in France and is easy to install for charging point operators. The sensors are placed under the parking space itself and thus identify whether the charging point is occupied or not. The information is forwarded to a traffic management system, so that drivers of electric vehicles receive information about where there are vacant charging posts.


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