Synology releases latest Surveillance Station upgrade

Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire

Synology Inc has released Surveillance Station 8.0, delivering a new and efficient desktop client, smart multiple streaming technology, and easy failover setup, providing better management experience.

"Surveillance Station 8.0 is a smart surveillance system, offering flexible deployment and smoother live view experience," said Jonathan Wang, Product Manager at Synology Inc., "the new face of Surveillance Station will show how easy it can be to gain a higher sense of security."

Surveillance Station 8.0 includes many new features including Surveillance Station Client. In addition to checking live views and managing channels within browsers, users can now install Surveillance Station Client to enjoy significantly improved performance and efficiency, and be free from browser limitations.

The new upgrade also offer multiple streaming, which supports automatic and manual resolution adjustment based on the size of the monitoring window or event, saves bandwidth consumption when prospecting multiple channels. Users can choose to automatically switch to higher resolution recording only when important events occur, maximizing storage utilisation during continuous recording.

There are now more advanced action rules and events supported to further automate the surveillance system. By flexibly utilising the logical operators and multiple events, actions can be triggered when one or all of the pre-defined criteria is met.

Automatic failover means that users can enable flexible failover on the CMS to enjoy an in tact surveillance structure with minimized downtime, more flexible server requirements, and lower threshold on cost and management.

The new system supports the new H.265 codec, enabling more supported cameras for users to choose from while reducing bandwidth consumption up to 25%, providing faster streaming experience during both live view and recording. Optimised H.264+ by Hikvision and Smart Stream by Vivotek and Zavio are also supported.

The firmware upgrade allows users to easily connect VS360HD to the NAS, and manage almost every feature of Surveillance Station on VS360HD. Quickconnect ID and HTTPS connections are also supported to let users access Surveillance Station from anywhere in the world.


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