Synectis upgrades command and control platform

Sheffield, South Yorkshire

Synectics has introduced a series of new customer-driven capabilities in its advanced Synergy 3 command and control platform to deliver enhanced system protection, incident detection, and third-party integrations.

Synergy 3 is an intelligent surveillance and security solution, offered for use as an integral solution for the efficient operation of control rooms around the world. The latest Synergy 3 update focuses on the delivery of real-time data and systems integrity in line with rapidly evolving customer and industry concerns. Synergy 3 solutions are tailored to customer requirements and incorporate a highly flexible user experience to make critical data manageable, meaningful, and actionable.

Secure Check is a new addition to Synergy 3’s cyber security safeguards. The interactive tool displays recommendations to improve the cyber security of the system and enable administrators to implement changes, all from a single dialogue box. Notable security checks include encryption of communications and configurations, password management, and workstation lock downs.

Further enhancements to existing system protection measures make it easier to monitor and enforce the management of authenticated system access.

As Dan Noble, Product Manager, Synergy, at Synectics, explains, these capabilities are particularly important when it comes to demonstrating compliance with regulatory demands. “Whether you are managing a critical utilities plant, a busy transport network or ensuring public safety in towns and cities, adherence to strict security and data sensitivity protocols is not an option. It’s fundamental. Therefore, our goal is to make it as easy for our customers to implement as possible."

"With these latest developments in Synergy, that’s what we’ve done. We’ve made it considerably easier for users to safeguard their systems and data, and to assign a much wider range of permissions, restrictions, and approvals for specific tasks and scenarios. It all adds up to a solution that significantly enhances cyber security and promotes process-driven, efficient usage that complies with regulatory requirements.”

Organisations keen to leverage emerging technologies, particularly those which support new levels of security and operational efficiency, will also welcome Synergy 3’s expanded integration portfolio.

An expanded suite of integrations to third-party applications – including access control, AI technology, and vehicle identification systems – coupled with Synergy’s existing open-integration capabilities, delivers on the promise of real flexibility.

Dan continued: “As a technology company, we recognise the importance of innovation. Our aim is always to make this accessible to our customers to achieve greater awareness and insight. We work with the market leaders in their field to continuously enhance our technology partner portfolio, and this latest release demonstrates this commitment.

“In a post-COVID-19 world, where the need to quickly adapt to new ways of working and changing priorities will have a heavy impact on some sectors, this kind of flexibility and adaptability is likely to become even more significant. It’s already a proven benefit of the platform and an area we’re continuously developing.” He explained.

Ease-of-use is also a vital feature of the latest iteration of Synergy 3. Critical functionalities have been optimised for usability in busy control room environments.

From at-a-glance system health check dashboards and rapidly accessible maps to simplified incident management and the ability to quickly attach footage and comments to incident reports, Synergy 3 has been designed to help control room operatives work faster and smarter.


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