Smartair does away with locker keys

San Sebastian, Spain

Smartair from Tesa is designed to take wireless locking way beyond doors. New Smartair cabinet locks secure drug and medicine storage with RFID-enabled locks. In spas, swimming pools and sports centres around the world, clients can secure their belongings with credentials stored in water-resistant bands, instead of a cumbersome locker key.

Facilities managers using Smartair can control and manage the use of cabinet locks with an easy interface: it takes a few clicks to issue or revoke access credentials, or to generate an audit trail for every secure cabinet in the building.

"These new security products by Smartair from Tesa are designed for anyone upgrading cabinet locks in hospitals, lockers in gyms and anywhere else where small-scale storage is still locked using an old-fashioned mechanical key system,” says Mikel Gaztanaga, Product Manager at Tesa. "Retrofitting new Smartair locks is quick and affordable, and needs no expensive wiring on-site.”

With standalone, offline and update-on-card system management, integrating cabinet locks with your organisation's existing smart cards is simple. Smartair is compatible with all leading RFID technologies, including Iclass by HID, Mifare Classic and Desfire.

More than just convenient, Smartair is also cost-effective as it uses standard batteries instead of a 240V mains connection, saving money on running and maintenance costs.

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