Siemens takes first steps to digitalise fire safety business

Zug, Switzerland

Cerberus Portal is the first stepping stone in digitalising Siemens fire safety products. It represents the initial component of the new Cerberus Cloud Apps offering. This is a clear push towards the current fire protection industry trend.

"There is an ongoing disruptive revolution in our fire safety industry. That revolution is called digitalisation. I am deeply convinced that digitalisation will change the way we do business," says Johannes Mario Kahlert, Head of Fire Safety at Siemens Smart Infrastructure.

As a cloud application, Cerberus Portal can be used from any online device – PCs, laptops and tablets running on any operating system. This allows all fire control panel information, such as faults, alarms and general system status, to be accessed remotely. A simple user interface and a clear overview of all connected sites draw the operator's focus to what is really important: have the fire protection system up and running at all times. Cerberus Portal is particularly useful in case of an incident because the real-time data can be examined in detail before dispatching service technicians. Because they know about the issue in advance, they are well prepared and have the necessary information, tools and equipment when they arrive on site. Cerberus Portal is an online application, so system operators do not need to worry about updates. This leaves them free to fully focus on providing their customers with the best service possible.

The Cerberus Connect X300 gateway makes sure all relevant data is delivered to Cerberus Portal in real time. Leveraging the power of edge computing technology, data is preprocessed locally on the gateway before it is sent to the cloud. Not only can this multi-protocol gateway be connected to both Siemens and third-party building products, it is also easy to install and commission. Encrypted transmission technology and a built-in firewall ensure the highest level of security.

Cerberus Portal and Cerberus Connect X300 are compatible with Cerberus PRO networkable panels (FC722, FC723, FC724, FC726).

The digitalisation of fire protection systems and related maintenance activities allows service providers to save time and travel expenses. It is estimated that Cerberus Cloud Apps will enable maintenance companies to take care of up to 10 percent more customers with the same number of staff members.

Johannes Mario Kahlert adds: "Adding this new technology to our product portfolio will open doors to create new remote services, increase our customer satisfaction rate and imagine new innovative applications such as predictive maintenance. With Cerberus Portal and upcoming software products, Siemens Fire Safety is set to become a leader in the digital revolution."


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