Siemens launches wide area digital aspirating smoke detector

Zug, Switzerland

New wide area coverage digitalised ASD from Siemens

Siemens has introduced two new aspirating smoke detectors (ASD), FDA261 and FDA262, catering to particularly challenging fire safety installations that extend over wide areas, such as large data centers, e-commerce warehouses, or industrial manufacturing sites.

A single device can cover up to 6,700 m2, which according to Siemens is currently the largest coverage area available on the market. Even for Class A installations with the highest sensitivity requirements, up to 2,000 m2 of detection coverage is feasible with a single ASD+ detector.

The new ASD Connect app ensures fast and easy digital commissioning. It makes the commissioning process highly automated and intuitive. As a result, the commissioning effort decreases significantly.

ASD safeguards megatrends

“ASD plays a crucial role in protecting the infrastructure needed to enable global megatrends, such as the energy transition or digitalisation. One example is fire protection for the rapidly growing number of lithium-ion battery energy storage systems,” said Peter Nebiker, Head of Fire Safety at Siemens Smart Infrastructure.

The new ASD+ fully integrates in fire safety systems from Siemens, communicating directly and intelligently as addressable device using the Siemens FD net/C-NET, without additional hardware cost or wiring for I/O cards. This reduces the time and effort needed for installation while enabling data transmission to the panel and remote locations, such as the cloud.

Performance in any environment

ASD+ offers better detection performance and maximum immunity to false alarms. Along with high standards for detection sensitivity, the detection optics hardware has been optimised for harsh and dirty environments. The dual-wavelength signal processing algorithm has been improved to reliably differentiate between smoke particles and dust, thus avoiding the risk of false alarms. ASD+ products have adjustable alarm thresholds (0,003 to 20%/m), providing complete flexibility to meet the needs of any application. Additional information such as pre-alarm, dust detection or contamination-level reporting adds value for customers and can be accessed via the Siemens cloud portal.

Reflecting Siemens’ dedication to sustainability throughout the product lifecycle, the new products follow a modular design, allowing the detection chamber and aspirator to be easily replaced without reconfiguration.


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