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Zug, Switzerland

As anybody involved in fire safety knows, seconds count and it is how effective the chain operates, from detection through to extinguishing, that determines the successful protection of people, business processes and assets. As well as providing a range of detector solutions, for the extinguishing part of the equation, Siemens Building Technologies offers Sinorix CDT (constant discharge technology).

While early detection of a fire is obviously a critical factor in many situations, of equal importance is the speed and efficiency of the extinguishant response. Sinorix CDT is an extinguishing technology which uses pure nitrogen as the extinguishing agent, a pure, colorless and odorless subsistence which is non-toxic, safe to humans and ecologically compatible.

The Sinorix CDT system features high-pressure nitrogen cylinders, combined with a network of pipes and nozzles. The technology is based on a cylinder pressure of 300 bar, with a constant pressure limited to a maximum of 60 bar at the valve outlet to ensure that the gas is discharged at a constant rate during the entire flow time. This eliminates pressure peaks and reduces overpressure flaps in the extinguishing sector by some 70 percent, ensuring the system is safer for both people and assets. Calculation of data through a dedicated software tool identifies any need for overpressure relief flaps (the use of flaps can be avoided in many applications, depending on national regulations, due to the reduction in overpressure alluded to above) to prevent overpressure build-up during CDT agent discharge.

Nitrogen possesses the same characteristics as air, ensuring the extinguishing agent is distributed evenly throughout the area being protected, reducing the oxygen levels and thereby extinguishing the fire. Nitrogen also leaves no residues, a particularly important factor in environments such as museums where works of art can be damaged by the release of an extinguishant, or in clean rooms and telecommunications facilities where cleaning up after a discharge can prove costly.

Cost savings are achieved in hardware (test pressure of 150 bar rather than 450 bar for traditional technology) and also in refilling since pure nitrogen is available everywhere.

Sinorix CDT meets all the relevant safety and reliability standards, including the strict quality guidelines laid down in ISO 14520-1 and ISO 14520-13.

Sinorix CDT is suitable for a number of applications, particularly smaller single-sector systems (one to 15 cylinders) and small multi-sector systems. The main application areas include telecommunications, computer rooms, control rooms, cable ducts, electrical switching rooms, chemical storage facilities, art galleries and museums, archives and military installations.

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