Seetec and Zepcom create mobile video solution

Bruchsal, Germany

With the partnership of Seetec and Zepcam, two technological pioneers have combined their competences for a mobile video solution. The integration of mobile Zepcam cameras into the Seetec video management software enables both a gapless recording and a live transmission of the image data via wireless transmission.

One application scenario in particular for the combination of portable Zepcam cameras with Seetec Cayuga is police operations and other private or public operations action and rescue forces. The mobile cameras are affixed to the security guards’ bodies and transfer images of the current situation on site to headquarters, where operations management can, for example, review and assess the events to alert reinforcements, if necessary. The localisation of the operational personnel takes place via the GPS signal of the mobile devices.

Logistics and transportation also profit from this cooperation. Due to the mobile image transmission, recording gaps are closed both during transport and outside warehouses or distribution centres. Thus, the whereabouts and the condition of the goods in transit may be reconstructed in every detail, even after the event. Apart from the recording of image data in the headquarters, storage on the SD card is also possible.

As one of the leading providers of video management software in Europe, Seetec continues to expand its strategic partnerships. The cooperation with Zepcam enables them access to new industries, and offers numerous potential applications, outside the classic security sector.

With the Seetec BVI solution (Business Video Intelligence) and the mobile devices by Zepcam, added value is created for industries such as logistics, transportation, retail trade and manufacturing. The combination of video data with the respective operational systems opens up a variety of possibilities for the intelligent usage of process data.


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