Salto Global Electronic Opening cylinder now IP66 rated

Nuneaton, Warwickshire

Salto's new 360° wire free electronic locking cylinder is now not ony fully compatible with most RFID technologies, but can also be used in all weather environments with it's new IP66 rating.
The new cylinder is a smart, intuitive, versatile, cost effective and powerful new global product whose wire free technology makes it easy to install in any kind of door. So whether the user wants to control a standard door, glass door, aluminium door, steel door, a lift or elevator, a car park, entry to a data centre, access to a server rack, the security of a container or anything else Salto GEO could be the solution. And, unique to GEO, its also available in a padlock version making it suitable for the securing of gates, barriers etc.

According to Salto installing the GEO is quick and easy. There are no longer any problems with master key management. The Salto Data-On-Card technology and wireless real-time on-line technology, allows users to manage access control credentials and add, restrict or delete access privileges as and when needed. The GEO open architecture means you can also use it to connect with an existing security system to create a fully integrated platform, delivering increased efficiency, cost savings and complete access control flexibility.

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