RX series Bluetooth access reader gains OSDP verification

Pontypool, Wales (UK)

OSDP Verified status for the RX Bluetooth access control reader

The Third Millennium RX series Bluetooth range of advanced access control readers have achieved OSDP Verified status.

SIA has recently announced the newest version of the specification, SIA OSDP Version 2.2 and with newly deployed OSDP education resources and an ever-growing list of OSDP Verified products, according to Third Millennium, OSDP is poised to become the new normal in access control.

The RX series Bluetooth readers from Third Millennium, build on this industry momentum by supporting features such as OSDP file transfer, and the extended LED colour support in SIA OSDP Version 2.2.

OSDP file transfer allows the reader to receive firmware upgrades and new configurations from the control panel, without the need to visit the reader.

Third Millennium RX series advanced access control readers also support a wide range of legacy and cutting-edge credential technologies such as Desfire EV2 - incorporating the enhanced security of the Third Millennium Secure Envelope.

The introduction of modern, end-to-end security to a legacy system can be easily achieved with the range of products and tools available from Third Millennium


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