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Ashington, Northumberland

Raytec have redesigned their web site to better help customers deliver the best lighting solutions for video surveillance. In an age where everyone needs access to information quickly and easily, the new website provides the most user friendly experience across all devices whether the viewer is sat at a desktop looking for a product datasheet or searching for an integration paper in the field on a mobile device.

As world leaders in lighting for video surveillance, Raytec have an illuminator for any application- over 700 models.  The new website makes searching for products much easier and selection can be based on type, brand, market, or by a specific term in the smart search bar.

Easy and familiar to use, a dedicated specification centre can then help to narrow the search based on installation and operational requirements, and then specific models for that application can be recommended.

Every Raytec product page is a portal to a host of useful information. Visitors can browse product specifications, installation instructions, mounting solutions or access A&E documentation. Social media buttons also allow users to easily share key information with colleagues, and every visitor has access to a portfolio of high resolution product photographs that can be used for marketing purposes.

As a leading educator on lighting in the security market Raytec are also providing visitors with a dedicated knowledge hub, where they can learn just about every detail on surveillance lighting. Users can also browse and share practical videos, white papers, top tip guides, articles, opinion pieces, case studies, and many other things.

Cat McElroy, Marketing Communications Manager comments: “Everything about our new website makes it quick, informative and convenient for our customers to use and enjoy. It’s full of handy tools and product showcases, and even recommends other products that may be of interest!”

David Lambert, Managing Director (joint) comments: “We are exceptionally proud of the new Raytec website. It gives surveillance professionals an incredible suite of information from basic product data to advanced specification tools. Raytec are well known for high performance illuminators but the new website also demonstrates our commitment to delivering the best experience for our customers world-wide.”


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