Pyronix new ceiling PIR for awkward installations

Rotherham, South Yorkshire (UK)

Pyronix has announced the global launch of the company's latest PIR detector, the Octopus DQ, designed to deliver an efficient and alternative solution for any large areas.

The Octopus DQ takes a different approach to detection; instead of fitting various detectors at varying angles to cover large or awkward areas, a single solution detector is installed that perfectly protects all from above. The Octopus DQ also utilises a quad element passive infrared (PIR) sensor, giving better intruder catch performance when compared with traditional dual element ceiling mount PIR sensors. A more cost effective and secure solution for any installation.

“We have developed this quad PIR detector with the installer and user in mind,” says Laurence Kenny, Pyronix Marketing Manager. He continues: “We want our products to provide superior, easy and convenient solutions for any detection needs and the Octopus DQ exemplifies this. With 360º coverage, superior plastics and optimised installation, it can be fitted to cover aisles in shops, office spaces, warehouses; absolutely anywhere that a single traditional detector would struggle.”

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