Pyronix launches economy beating Stand Alone Champions range

Rotherham, South Yorkshire

The new Stand Alone Champions line-up from Pyronix Image courtesy of Pyronix

Challenging economic times are set to continue. Consumer spending has fallen since the COVID-19 pandemic and, as a result, it’s becoming increasingly hard for professional security installers to retain the same level of sales. To help security installers address these challenges, Pyronix has released a range of independent and affordable security products.

As we emerged out of lockdown, inflation boomed globally but economic growth lagged behind. With wages slow to catch up, according to market research company, Statista, the UK is expecting a 3.7% fall in real disposable income in 2023/24 – the largest on record – with a further 2% decline expected in 2025.

The market has remained stubborn post-Covid, particularly for installers with customers who no longer have the spare money to invest in the traditional grudge purchases, like alarm systems – and entire systems can be expensive, especially in the current financial climate.

As a forward-thinking, innovative company Pyronix is aiming to help installers to continue delivering and to secure more sales where purchasing the full system perhaps is not always a viable option for their customers.

The company has developed a range of standalone products that act independently of the system, but still provide effective security. Dubbed the “Standalone Champions”, this new range of products is more affordable and versatile, meaning specific customer needs can be met in the short term.

With products like the Batterycam, Doorbellcam and Smartplug, customers are able to purchase and benefit from a portfolio of smaller-scale security solutions, while installers gain potential repeat business when the full system is a more feasible option for the customer – and, as an added bonus, the products can be integrated into the full system as required.

Ideal for new customers, and even maintenance visits, the Standalone Champions provide installers with more sales and added revenue opportunities.


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