Pips Speedspike helps manage vehicle speeds to protect road workers

Eastleigh, Hampshire

'Pips Speedspike average speed system is an effective tool for increasing the safety of maintenance workers on road works and raising driver awareness', says Paul Negus, Managing Director of Pips Technology.
The UK has one of the busiest, high-speed road networks in the World. Due to recent fatalities of its road workers, the Highways Agency has highlighted the continuing need to focus on the safety for all workers on the network. A key action from the Highways Agency Road Worker Safety Strategy – ‘Aiming for Zero’, is the use of speed detection and enforcement techniques as a key lever to manage the speed of vehicles through road works to facilitate reduced speed limits for overnight and short term road works.

"The SpeedSpike system is able to manage the speed of vehicles through road works by controlling the average speed to a safe level." continues Negus. "Each section of the Speedspike network can provide an enforcement speed from 20mph to 140mph, allowing the surveillance cameras to monitor different speeds through the road works and back onto the normal road network. Speedspike was predominantly designed to be a cost effective tool for monitoring speed on any type of road system. We believe that Pips Speedspike system is an excellent tool in assisting the Highways Agency and the Government’s commitment ‘to make improvements in the measures taken to protect our valuable workforce’.’

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