Phihong extends Videor portfolio

Rodermark, Germany

One of the world's largest power supply manufacturers is a recent addition to the Videor brand portfolio: Power over Ethernet Midspans, Splitters and Extenders enhance the wide product range of video surveillance solutions.
Videor has added the Phihong PoE solutions to its product range in line with consistent enhancement of its portfolio. All major IP security camera manufacturers have been supporting PoE power supply for a long time. And power from a PoE supply is also becoming increasingly more significant in the weatherproof housing and LED illuminator segments.

“With Phihong we have found a strong partner in Power over Ethernet, a segment that is essential for networked security technology today. A large variety of midspans, splitters and extenders in different power levels, packing densities and housing shapes now enables us to offer our customers a complete range to meet nearly all their project requirements. With Phihong, the market leader in power supply technology, we have one of the PoE pioneers in our portfolio which is also extremely active in the standardisation and development of the technology as a member of the IEEE Task Force”, said Mathias Burkard, Product Manager at Videor.

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