Norbain now offers new Wavestore NVR and HVR series

Reading, Berkshire (UK)

Norbain are now offering Wavestore’s latest NVR and HVR units that have been designed to meet the widest possible range of small, medium and large video surveillance applications and come pre-installed with Version 6 of Wavestore’s award winning VMS.

With the option to upgrade or expand at any time in the future without having to reinstall the software, users can choose from Base, Premium or Enterprise levels and select the exact number of camera licences required for the application at hand.

A-Series NVRs are compact desk or VESA mount NVRs suitable for small professional security applications for up to 8 IP cameras. With 1Tb and 2Tb recording options they benefit from 100 Mbits/sec throughput.

E-Series 1U rack-mount NVRs and HVRs satisfy professional security applications that require up to 32 IP cameras or, for the hybrid version, any combination of up to 16 IP cameras and 16 analogue cameras. With 2 x internal HDDs, they provide up to 12Tb of recording and deliver 300 Mbits/sec throughput.

P-Series NVRs are designed to offer a robust and reliable recording management and control solution. As a standalone unit, the appliances are able to operate Wavestore’s Waveview client software, as well as Wavestore’s VMS from the same unit, providing a one-box solution for a wide range of security applications. Suitable for a host of professional security applications, they have the ability to handle up to 32 IP cameras and with 2 x internal HDDs, provide up to 12Tb of recording and deliver 300 Mbits/sec throughput.


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