New Xprotect device pack supports hundreds of new devices

Copenhagen, Denmark

The latest Milestone Systems bi-monthly Device Pack 9.9 contains software updates for Xprotect VMS to support new hardware - 209 new devices have been added to this release, bringing the total of supported devices to more than 7,500.

This Device Pack has a particular focus on cyber security for ONVIF. Support has been added for more types of security certificates. This enables better authentication of devices.

Automated retrieval of recordings from devices with edge storage is another new feature, primarily aimed at body worn cameras. When a body worn camera is docked, Xprotect can detect it and download high-quality video recordings from the device’s internal storage.

Before ONVIF-supported devices are listed in the Milestone supported hardware list they have been tested to ensure 100% functionality with the Xprotect open platform technology. This enables the Milestone community to pick the best devices for their end-customers, from the market’s broadest selection. They can be assured of the functionality of any supported device.

Milestone has added support for SRTP to Bosch cameras. Secure Real-Time Protocol (Secure RTP or SRTP) is an extension of the RTP protocol, with an enhanced security mechanism. It provides encryption, authentication and integrity verification of data and messages passed through the RTP-based communication protocol.

Other highlights of this new device pack include increased Xprotect support for intelligent Axis cameras.  The company has expanded event-detection in selected camera models, enabling users to use a wider range of events in Xprotect. Extended support for Axis Camera Application Platform has also been enabled in Xprotect 2018 R3, Milestone’s last Product Update this year.

Several models of Hanwha X-Lite cameras and encoders are now also fully supported and the efficient H265 video compression has been added to the support of Soliton body worn cameras.


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