Industrial switches for rugged environments

Taipei, Taiwan

Layer 3 switches need not always be used as core switches inside the control centre. Konten points out that there are different ways to implement Layer 3 switches in various industrial application scenarios.

Thanks to the compact yet ruggedised design the Din-rail Switch, these Layer 3 switches can be installed in cabinets out in the field, supporting a wide range of power input and operating temperatures.

As an example shown on the graph, Konten’s industrial Layer 3 Din-rail Ethernet Switch CQ-0804X2 provides high PoE power up to 95W and 10 Gigabit transmission speed for an uplink. Its high density design can be installed in a limited space or harsh environment such as outdoor cabinets, connecting to the end edge computing devices and high resolution PTZ cameras.

By its layer 3 features, even if one of its subnets was affected by an unexpected problem such as broadcast storms, the effect of network outages would only remain within that subnet ( just like the tail of the balloon dog in the graph), the other subnets would continue to operate as usual, thereby ensuring that the whole topology is not compromised and remains in operation and good condition.

Industrial layer 3 switches from Konten Networks are designed to provide an easy way to segment a network into several subnets for various applications and increase network security and stability to integrate different devices, systems, and subnets into higher-level networks.

In addition, Konten’s Layer 3 industrial switches support flexible routing protocols for user networks different environmental applications. For example, RIPv1/v2 can be adopted in a small area such as the local control cabinet for its simple and easy configuration feature. The OSPFv2 can be applied for efficient management of data transmission among subnets in a large size network topology. Whilst the VRRP has network redundancy for one-point failure of routers. It can help to simplify the network structure and provide a high speed transmission service.

In summary, Konten’s Layer 3 switches are designed for different scales of networks from small to medium and can be installed in a control cabinet or a control centre. Konten offers a wide range of selection for industrial Ethernet switches from unmanaged to advanced Layer 2 and Layer 3, Gigabit to 10GbE, 5 ports to 28 ports, copper to fibre, RJ45 to M12, 30W PoE to 60W/95W PoE, DIN-Rail to Rack Mounting for core centres and edge sites. They’re certified with IEC61850-3, IEEE1613, EN50155, EN50121-4 and EN45545-2 for critical infrastructures of different vertical markets.


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