New thermal imaging cameras for commercial security

West Malling, Kent

FLIR has introduced the latest generation of hand held thermal imaging cameras with the launch of the FLIR BHS-Series.
Preventing intrusion rather than simply reacting to it is where FLIR thermal imaging is really proving its worth. It provides the same high quality image during the day or night and even through smoke, fog, snow and heavy rain. Intruders can’t escape detection in shadows or in a tree line. The technology provides a highly effective sixth sense, exceptional value for money and a rapid return on investment.

These qualities are inherent in the new, shock-resistant FLIR BHS-Series thermal imaging camera. This is the binocular version of the monocular FLIR HS-Series. The ‘double power’ allows smaller objects to be seen against a background. It is also easier to hold the BHS steady when looking at an object at a distance.

Two models complete this series; BHS-X with 320 x 240 resolution and 2 x digital zoom and the BHS-XR, with 2x and 4x digital zoom, which can provide full 640 x 480 imagery. Both BHS-Series models are available with different lenses to suit the application and all are interchangeable, greatly increasing the application potential of the cameras.

Images are stored in JPEG format on a removable SD card and at the touch of button the camera user can also record thermal video. Ergonomic and easy to use, the FLIR BHS-Series models are controlled with just 5 buttons on the top of the unit. Totally silent to operate, they include an eye shield that allows the operator to remain fully covert in total darkness.

Completing the Metrum exhibits is the FLIR PathFindIR™ automotive night vision camera that significantly reduces the hazards associated with night time driving. It enables drivers to detect and monitor potential hazards, on or near the road, giving them time to react appropriately to any danger.

FLIR Systems and its distributor Metrum Information Storage Ltd will be showing this latest generation of hand held thermal imaging cameras together at this year’s Transport Security Expo at Olympia in London, UK, in September.

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