New multi-sensor panoramic cameras from Axis

Lund, Sweden

"The new cameras address the market for fixed, high-resolution panoramic cameras for superb wide area surveillance."

Axis Communications is introducing two multisensor panoramic cameras - the 8 megapixel Axis P3707-PE, with four varifocal camera heads, enables a 360° coverage or a combination of overview and zoomed-in views in four different directions, whilst the 15 megapixel Axis Q3708-PVE features three image sensors for a 180° surveillance and technologies for handling challenging lighting conditions.

The cameras are ideally suited for video surveillance in airport terminals, railway and metro stations, city surveillance installations such as monitoring public squares, perimeter security for critical infrastructure and industrial sites, video surveillance of university campuses and school halls, or shopping mall security both indoors and outdoors, including car parks.

“The new cameras address the market for fixed, high-resolution panoramic cameras for superb wide area surveillance. With several cameras in one, they reduce the number of cameras that need to be mounted, making them a cost-effective solution,” says Erik Frännlid, Director of Product Management, Axis Communications. “Axis P3707-PE provides a 360° overview, or a combination of overviews and close-ups in different directions—ideal for use in wide areas, at intersections of hallways or roads, or from the corners of buildings. With Axis Q3708-PVE, you have a high-resolution 180° camera with excellent low light and wide dynamic range capabilities.”

Axis P3707-PE comprises four camera heads that can be repositioned along a circular track to point in the desired viewing direction. Each camera head can be individually tilted and adjusted to provide a 108° to 54° horizontal field of view for either wide or zoomed-in views. The camera heads can be rotated to support Axis’ Corridor Format for optimal coverage of vertically oriented scenes. A specially designed clear cover, with no sharp edges, allows for undistorted views in all directions. Axis P3707-PE supports .individually configurable video streams for each camera head, as well as quad-view streaming, enabling 1080p resolution videos at 12.5/15 frames per second and 720p videos at full frame rate.

Axis Q3708-PVE offers easy and cost-efficient installation. The camera’s three lenses are factory-focused, so no focusing is required on site. It has wide dynamic range - forensic capture technology and low light capabilities for effective image quality in all lighting conditions. Axis Q3708-PVE provides 11 megapixel resolution (3x QuadHD) at 30 frames per second, or 15-megapixel resolution (3 x 5 MP) at 20 frames per second.

Both Axis P3707-PE and Axis Q3708-PVE are accessible through a single IP address. This means only one video management software license is needed with many video management systems (VMS). Both cameras also support Power over Ethernet and Axis’ Zipstream technology for reduced bandwidth and storage requirements.


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