New integrations in latest Gardis upgrade

Poole, Dorset

The latest additions add valuable features to the ever-evolving Gardis platform.

Integrated security manufacturer Tdsi has released the latest new additions to its powerful Gardis integrated access management software.  Available for download in the new Version 2.2., extended features include integration with the Stid BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) mobile device authentication portal, integration with the RS485 wireless locks from Assa Abloy and Simonsvoss, integration with the new Tdsi Gardis Vu VMS software, and a new Cause and Effect Engine.

The latest additions add valuable features to the ever-evolving Gardis platform, as Tina Baker, Software Project Manager at Tdsi comments, “Gardis is designed to evolve, anticipate and cater for a rapidly changing security/safety landscape. Both integration with the Stid BLE portal and support for RS485 wireless locks provide greater flexibility in deploying highly secure touch-free access control. Integration with our new Gardis Vu VMS solution, which is powered by our fellow Vitaprotech Group partner and specialist in intelligent cloud video surveillance Recas, enables customers to benefit from this next generation solution.”

Stid BLE Portal integration

Integration with the STid Portal provides easy but highly secure use of a mobile device as access control authentication. By utilising the ubiquitous mobile phone, organisations can easily share or rescind access approval. Gardis v2.2’s integration ensures easy administration of this function (using a Stid login).

RS485 wireless locks integration

Gardis v2.2 now features RS485 integration with Assa Abloy and Simonsvoss wireless locks. This adds further resilience by enabling them to communicate directly with the controller even if the IP network is interrupted, to ensure continuous secure access control.

Tdsi Gardis Vu VMS software integration

The latest version of the Gardis software now features integration with Tdsi’s new Gardis Vu VMS solution, which has been developed in partnership with Recas. This ensures full and seamless integration of access control and the video surveillance network, all from a single central portal.

New Cause and Effect engine

The all-new Cause and Effect module fully automates a response to one or multiple inputs (such as an intruder panel for example), so the security operator is assured that the system will enact the required action, without the need for human intervention.

To meet any eventuality or situation, the Cause and Effect engine operates on both the main security server and the local controller. This ensures that even if there is a communications loss between the two, the access control function remains fully operational. It also provides easy to create and update Cause and Effect records that are bespoke to the security needs of the organisation/facility, with detailed report generation on-hand whenever required.

Visual verification

Gardis Pro v2.2 now includes a widget that enables a visual check of an access event (be it via a card, mobile or biometric credential), delivering an image of the authorised person for verification.

Other additions

To add even greater flexibility to the Gardis system, v2.2 also provides unlimited additional fields per user record. This enables the creation of bespoke fields and additional space to log notes as required. Additionally, v2.2 also provides a revised user interface which centralises operations and makes rapid navigation easier.

Tina concludes, “All these new functions are the result of close consultation with our installation partners and customers, adding true value-add features that help to improve and refine secure access control operations and the user experience, benefitting any organisation or business that needs them.”


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