New Airlive beam forming router

Taipei, Taiwan

Airlive has recently introduced the new Airlive N450R router which is based on latest wireless beam forming technology.
It delivers direction sensing which increases the wireless signal strength by focusing the transmission signal towards that direction. The new router could reach black spots not normally covered by most routers on the market today. It also reduces AP and the repeater and router signals can be transmitted to multi-level floor layouts.

In effect beam forming is the new wireless technology to expand the coverage in multi-level homes and offices, as it is a signal processing technique used to control the directionality of the transmission and reception of radio signals.

The most effective type of beam forming is dynamic digital beam forming. This type of beam forming uses an advanced, on-chip digital signal processing (DSP) algorithm to gain complete control over Wi-fi signals. By creating several independent signal paths to optimally focus radio energy to and from client devices on a per-packet basis, performance is dramatically improved. In the case of a two-stream configuration, this makes it possible to steer the energy of the antenna array in independent spacial directions associated with both data streams, while simultaneously avoiding interference. The technology increases the wireless signal strength and the transmission stability towards the intended recipients. It improves the radio efficiency and utility level to achieve greater wireless coverage.

"The Airlive N450R strikes previously unreached dark corners and multi-level services by new technology beam forming. Actually, beam forming is a technology that improves both uplink and downlink SNR performance and overall network capacity. The advantages of beam forming are clear– much improved range and capacity are most welcome by carriers who deploy broadband wireless systems. The Airlive N450R's multipath capability has special buffers to regroup the multipath packet. The end result is much greater transmission rate in complex environments," said Beesha Lin, Sales and Marketing Director Airlive.

In addition to these benefits the Airlive N450R has some unique features such as that this beam forming dual band 11n router possesses a 450Mbps 3T3R and 11 a/b/g/n concurrent dual band technology; Gigabit NAT performance; 196MBps real TCP throughput; Gigabit LAN/WAN ports; USB for NAS application.

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