Multitone focuses on mental health safety

Basingstoke, Hampshire

Using wireless, failsafe technology, Ekotek and Ekocare both offer cost-effective installation, long battery life and reliability.

Multitone Electronics plc, a specialist in the design, manufacture and implementation of integrated communications, is exhibiting its Eko range of patient and staff protection systems at the Design in Mental Health conference and exhibition at the National Conference Centre near Birmingham this week.

Multitone is exhibiting its Eko family of safeguarding systems, which includes the award winning Ekotek and Ekocare communications solutions for staff/patient protection and lone workers. The Eko range is an onsite two-way wireless protection system that raises an alarm or summons help at a touch of a button.

Matt Byrom, Product Manager at Multitone commented, “The Eko family of products is designed to provide reliable but discreet protection, that is perfect for mental healthcare facilities. The system has been proven in hospitals around the world, including The Retreat in York, a treatment centre for mental health needs, where it enables staff and patients to easily summon assistance to their exact location using either a portable device or wall-mounted button.”

With separate alarm levels for assist and emergency, alerts are routed via a smart radio-based network of beacons and repeaters. The alert can be forwarded to any device or set of devices including pagers, two-way radios, DECT phones, email or a mobile smart device, via a dedicated and highly secure app.

Using wireless, failsafe technology, Ekotek and Ekocare both offer cost-effective installation (with no need for mains rewiring), long battery life and impressive reliability. In the unlikely event of a network repeater failing, the message is rerouted to ensure the alert is always delivered. The devices are also IP67 rated (resisting dirt and cleaning with sprays or disinfectant) and the system can also be integrated with fire alarm systems.

Matt concluded, “This event focuses on the design of mental health facilities and creating calm therapeutic environments for the benefit of patients and staff alike, which is precisely the approach of the Eko family of products. The Design in Mental Health show is the perfect opportunity for anyone in the NHS or private healthcare industry to understand the advantages of Multitone’s solutions and to discuss specific requirements with the team on our stand.”


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