Motorola expands LPR portfolio with L6Q

Chicago, Il

Motorola Solutions has expanded its license plate recognition (LPR) portfolio with the introduction of the L6Q. The L6Q camera can be deployed and configured in a matter of minutes making it ideal for targeted investigations, securing events and adding an extra layer of protection to crime hotspots, helping agencies to improve the safety of their communities.

“LPR has been invaluable in helping our officers’ crime-fighting efforts by providing investigative leads that have resulted in arrests for suspects in cases ranging from homicides and car-jackings to armed robbery and burglary,” said William Short, chief, Hammond, Indiana Police Department. “With the addition of our public-private partnership, we are using technology to create an even stronger foundation of trust between law enforcement and the community. We are committed to including members of our community as an instrumental part of our operations and encourage residents and businesses to register their cameras via to help us keep our community safe.”

The L6Q is quick to install and features technology advancements to improve safety and security, such as for example, the device can be configured and activated from an Android or IOS application to accurately scan vehicles moving up to 75 MPH and up to 75 feet away.

The L6Q is powered by battery, solar panel or AC/DC power, and is able to transmit scan data over cellular networks and it can be used in almost any environment. In addition, the long-range, integrated infrared (IR) illumination and new starlight sensor enable scanning of vehicles even in complete darkness.

In order to help focus on critical events, the vehicle data captured by the L6Q easily integrates with Motorola Solutions’ analytics platform. And the design of the L6Q is aligned to the principle that technology must be transparent, inclusive and fair. Built-in data protection, access controls and audit logs protect privacy and support responsible use, empowering public safety agencies with better information while cultivating community trust.

“The safer the community is, the more it thrives,” said Jehan Wickramasuriya , vice president, AI and Cloud Platform Engineering, Motorola Solutions. “When used responsibly, LPR can be a great tool for law enforcement in their mission to keep communities safe while also building trust with those they serve. The L6Q has been designed with that mission in mind by being an easy-to-deploy, reliable camera that can detect potential threats and share those insights in real-time, improving safety for both residents and officers."


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