Milestone unveils Xprotect 2014 VMS

Copenhagen, Denmark

Janne Jacobsen, Vice President of Professional Products Business Unit at Milestone Systems

Milestone Systems, the open platform company in IP video management software (VMS), is releasing the Milestone Xprotect 2014 VMS product suite for partners and customers.
The Xprotect 2014 product suite addresses the entire security market regardless of the size, complexity or location of the installation. The Milestone Xprotect clients are also optimised and updated to take advantage of the new Xprotect 2014 capabilities. The full range of Milestone Xprotect 2014 software will be showcased in live presentations on the Milestone standa at Ifsec International 2014 in London next month.

Xprotect 2014 is designed to introduce several new advantages to Milestone customers and the Milestone partner ecosystem. 

The Milestone add-on product, Xprotect Access Control Module 2014, makes it possible to integrate different access control systems within the same customer installation. Xprotect Smart Client provides a consolidated interface for operating integrated access control systems with dedicated functions to effectively monitor access events, manually assist passages and conduct investigations of specific access points or cardholders.

Milestone is also introducing an ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) compliant framework for handling and storing video-related metadata for its Xprotect advanced VMS product range that includes Xprotect Corporate 2014 and Xprotect Expert 2014. Metadata is any data adding an information layer to video and audio streams. The metadata framework can enable new possibilities for high-level integration: integrators can use metadata to connect with all types of IT systems and Milestone Manufacturer Alliance Partners can use the metadata integration to support cameras with built-in analytics.   

Video handling in XProtect 2014 is enhanced with new features to streamline the user experience, for example the Smart Search function utilises the motion metadata generated during the motion detection analysis in the recording server. By searching on this generated metadata, sequences with motion in specific areas of a camera view can be found quickly and accurately, reducing the time required to conduct investigations.  Also, Evidence Lock is a new function in Xprotect 2014 VMS that secures the availability of video recordings for investigations by allowing the retention time for selected video sequences to be extended beyond the defined retention policies.  Additionally, the Storyboard function turns video into evidence by documenting a sequence of events. Piecing together video sequences from multiple cameras into a structured flow makes object tracking easy for logical, objective and straightforward review.

A new security feature in Xprotect is tiered administrator rights where administrative staff can be granted access to functions based on responsibility levels. Dual authentication provides an option for an additional level of system security, where a log-in or access is successful only when a second user approves it.

New ease-of-use features in Xprotect 2014 VMS are centered on both Milestone partners and end users to ensure a simple and optimised experience working with a Milestone solution. For example, the product upgrade processes are enhanced to reduce time spent on maintaining the system.

End users will benefit from a new interactive map functionality in Xprotect Essential and Xprotect Express that provides a graphical overview of the entire installation. Tooltips and customisation possibilities are added to the Xprotect Smart Client to lessen the need for end-user training.

Video Push with GPS metadata in Milestone Mobile enables first responders and security personnel to use a smartphone as a mobile camera for video coverage of incidents not viewed by stationary cameras. The GPS coordinates together with the video stream are pushed from the smartphone to the Xprotect VMS system.

Also of note is the Milestone Customer Dashboard, an online system monitoring service that enables Milestone resellers to obtain real-time system status of their customers’ installations. This enables proactive alerts and service to improve the customer experience.  

Janne Jacobsen, Vice President of Professional Products Business Unit at Milestone Systems, says: "The 2014 update of the Milestone Xprotect VMS suite reflects our dedication to provide solutions that are optimised for different market segments and customer needs. For small to mid-sized installations, the 2014 edition of the Xprotect Professional VMS product suite is focused on simplifying every step in the deployment and use of our products. The goal is to provide solutions that meet our customers’ demand for easy-to-use video solutions that are also cost efficient to install and grow."

Bjørn Eilertsen, Vice President of Corporate Products Business Unit at Milestone Systems, says: "I am very excited about this 2014 release and the possibilities it gives both our customers and partners. If you look at the major enhancements we have done to the workflow around evidence handling, you will find that the new Smart Search, combined with Evidence Lock and the new storyboarding capabilities, shorten the time dramatically for producing evidence material. Add the new security capabilities that will make our advanced VMS products even more attractive for large and high-security installations. And this is just half of the story!

We have also taken the open platform to a whole new level, introducing ONVIF-compliant support for metadata and a framework for integrating access control systems with our new Xprotect Access Control Module. Both these initiatives empower our ecosystem of partners to develop new solutions and meet our customers’ needs."

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