Manage multiple Cliq systems with local software

London, UK

A standard Windows PC is all that is needed to run an access control system with Cliq technology. Engineered for flexibility and easy operation, Cliq Local Manager software has everything needed to run programmable key access control for a business.

Cliq Local Manager offers complete control of premises from a PC screen. From its user-friendly interface managers can add or amend users and change the access rights of Cliq keys with the companion programming device. Access can be limited according to 32 user defined programmable time slots.  Key audit trails can be collected when needed, without leaving your desk.

Cliq Local Manager is adapted to small or medium-sized businesses and works with electromechanical Cliq systems as well as Ecliq, the fully electronic key access system based on the same technology. The software handles up to 5,000 keys and 5,000 cylinders or padlocks.

Any remaining mechanical locks in the building can also be defined or administered from theh Cliq Local Manager interface.

Cliq Local Manager can be up-and-running fast, with automated COM port selection and easy migration from the existing Cliq access control software. Day-to-day operation is also as simplified and saves time for system managers.

Every system administrator has a personalised Cliq Local Manager home screen with intuitive menu access and powerful search capability. Everyday access routines are PIN-protected for extra security.

Within the Local Manager control panel, users can set reminders to avoid missing important admin tasks,  and the Cliq Local Manager also looks after users and their data privacy — and is GDPR compliant and is ideal for management of small/medium sized business premises.


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