Major upgrade for Honeywell GX remote app

Runcorn, Cheshire

Honeywell Commercial Security has released a significant upgrade to its GX Remote App for the Galaxy Flex and Galaxy Dimension ranges, designed to deliver improved performance and security enhancements.

Honeywell users will see an upgrade to the server architecture, an expansion in capacity and also greater reliability. This will require a change of IP address in the Galaxy Panel’s Ethernet Module. Both Galaxy Flex and Galaxy Dimension ranges will require this change to continue to receive push notifications. If push notification is not used, then no change is required.

Honeywell is providing instructions and a step by step guide on how to implement the changes. Additionally, appointed distributors, channel partners and technical service teams can also provide guidance.

The change can be done remotely for customers who have a remote connection via the Remote Servicing Suite software (RSS) or via the virtual keypad on the GX Remote App itself. For customers who do not have a remote connection, the change will need to be done via the panel keypad on site.

To minimise disruption and provide customers with a sufficient operating window, Honeywell has elected to run existing and new server systems in parallel until 30th April 2020. The legacy system will be disconnected on midnight 30th April 2020.

Galaxy Flex and Galaxy Dimension systems which have not had their IP address changed by that date will no longer receive push notifications from 1st May 2020 and will display an FTC error on the keypad and omit an audio warning.

According to Honeywell, these changes have been engineered to ensure the foundations to maintain, develop and enhance the GX Remote App for the Galaxy Flex and Galaxy Dimension ranges, with improved cyber security and reliability for the future.


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