Intelligent video surveillance server brings new levels of security

Hangzhou, China

With Dahua Technology’s award-winning AI-poweThe IVSS7000-I records faces using structured data and performs real-time verification

Dahua Technology has launched a high-end series of its NVR family, powered by the latest AI capable of deep learning and optimised for security applications, opening up new functions for end-users.

The IVSS 7000-I features a scalable graphics processing unit (GPU) which together with Dahua’s deep learning algorithm, enables it to perform face recognition and perimeter protection with high levels of accuracy. Offering advanced AI features, it even allows incident prevention via faster video content inquiry and rapid discovery of targets, as well as providing real-time and accurate alarms in a variety of applications.

With Dahua Technology’s award-winning AI-powered face recognition technology, the IVSS7000-I records faces using structured data and performs real-time verification with reliable accuracy to compare facial features. Supporting up to 256-channels, the IVSS7000-I can analyse up to 50 face databases with a total of 300,000 images, while users can upload face images to compare with previously recorded ones.

Uses include VIP recognition, blacklist alarm, stranger identification, attendance management and access control. Images can be classified into different categories defined by users – such as VIPs or persona non grata – with the server providing alerts or alarms accordingly.

For perimeter protection applications, the powerful deep learning algorithm is able to accurately identify people and vehicles while automatically filtering out false alarms, such as those caused by animals, leaves, bright lights and camera shake.

Video metadata enables the quick and easy searching of large amounts of video from up to 64 channels, identifying or recognising human faces, human bodies, motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles, to find out when and where a person or vehicle of interest appeared.

The IVSS7000-I has an optimised graphical user interface (GUI) which makes it is easier to use, reducing training time and costs, comparing favourably to VMS clients used on enterprise level systems. It also allows the use of an independent PC client for remote access, and avoids the potential issues of using a browser and plug-in. A new security centre provides a safer network environment for users and resists hacking.

The server can be used for a wide range of applications to detect and deter criminals, including banks, business parks, schools, prisons, airports, train stations, and shopping malls. As a key back-end component of a smart security system, the IVSS7000-I promises to offer intelligence, safety and reliability at a new level. 


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