Intelligent cloud-based video surveillance solution

London, UK

Ava Aware Cloud provides full situational awareness and business intelligence, according to Andres Portillo, VP Sales, EMEA, Ava Security.

Ava Security is now launching a new concept, based on proactive video security, powered by machine learning and the cloud with the aim of increasing awareness & effectiveness exponentially.

Individuals are needed to constantly monitor traditional CCTV cameras and incidents are only documented after they happen. With Ava Aware Cloud from Ava Security it is now possible to maintain proactive security with the power of AI; unlocking simple, smart video security.

Aware Cloud is a cloud video surveillance system designed to be flexible enough to meet any business security need, according to Ava Security.

“It provides full situational awareness and business intelligence. The solution comprises two main components: our range of cloud-managed AI cameras, and the Aware cloud video management system. Available from anywhere, eliminating the need for complicated equipment maintained by experts, lowering operating costs, and simplifying user interfaces,” states Andrés Portillo, VP Sales, EMEA at Ava Security.

Andrés Portillo emphasises the simple operation of the solution.

“Users can get started with a fully operational Ava Aware Cloud video security system in just 10 minutes. They can simply plug in the cameras, scan the QR code, or add cameras in a batch and go. There’s no need for on-premises infrastructure and IT reliance. Once added to the Cloud, all upgrades and performance optimisations are managed automatically.”

The Ava cloud cameras, dome and 360 degree, perform analytics directly on the camera. They have access to high-quality video data without any bandwidth constraints. This means the cameras detect the people and vehicles’ presence and trigger alarms without needing to send video to any external device.

“Cyber security is Ava’s backbone and baked into the design of our Ava Cloud Cameras and Aware Cloud management solution. Each camera is provisioned with unique keys and certificates during manufacturing. Say goodbye to open ports in firewalls. With Ava, all the connections are made outbound from the camera,” concludes Andrés Portillo.


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