Incedo Cloud enables real time & offline management in one place

London, UK

The flexibility of Assa Abloy’s Incedo access control ecosystem has been extended even further. Organisations can now deploy Incedo Cloud in locking solutions both in real-time or autonomously at the same premises, fine-tuning their security and gaining total control over their buildings from one place.

In an environment where change is a constant, businesses need access control which is agile and futureproof. Hybrid working and the more efficient use of space — as well as energy — are just some of the challenges now faced by businesses of every type and scale. An Incedo access control solution with its vast range of digital locks and programmable credentials, offers the flexibility to grow and adapt to meet them.

With Incedo, organisations can secure almost any opening with autonomous electronic locks or in real time with online devices. They can issue building users with credentials of their choice, to access authorised areas via smartphone, smart-key or smart-card. And they manage everything in one place, from the flexible, scalable, intuitive Incedo platform.

Flexible control and flexible use, by smartphone, smart-key or smart-card

An Incedo system with secure Cloud functionality is fast and easy to obtain via one cost-efficient subscription. To get started, businesses choose the access control hardware they need. They can administer multiple buildings — or even sites — within one system, with their choice of cloud or local management. Doors, cabinets, gates, server racks and almost any other opening may be locked with Aperio wireless devices, wired readers or Pulse smart key-operated, energy-harvesting locks.

Building users gain access via smart-cards, mobile keys stored on their smartphone, or battery-free smart keys — which can unlock both Pulse locks and traditional RFID readers. Any user’s smart key can be programmed to unlock both online Aperio wireless cylinders and autonomous Pulse cylinders, for example.

The Incedo Cloud system can be administered securely from anywhere with an internet connection. Installation is easy, with no complex integrations required. Incedo software updates are regular and automatic.

“Incedo-compatible electronic locking is fast, simple and cost-efficient to add to a building,” explains Joachim Mahlstedt, Commercial Director DAS at Assa Abloy Opening Solutions EMEIA. “And because the Incedo platform’s locks are all powered by standard batteries or energy harvesting technology, there is no need to install cables — saving copper and with no constant power draw, also reducing cost.”

Incedo Cloud is an easy, agile way to take control

Areas within a building may have different security requirements. Where entrance doors or critical areas need real-time monitoring including alerts, some other areas in the building might have lower demands for physical security. Here, autonomous devices can be installed faster and more cost-efficiently, with no need for network cables or wireless hubs. Autonomous devices may be offline yet still offer high functionality.

Incedo Cloud gives security managers the option to combine online and autonomous management. For example, controlling access in real time, with online management of secure areas including entrances, labs, server rooms and more. Adding autonomous devices enables the business to control access to areas that previously have been uneconomical due to location, environment, or cost.

“By extending Incedo’s cloud capabilities to include simultaneous online and autonomous management, we have given security managers even more choice, greater flexibility and convenience,” says Joachim.

“The broad hardware range for Incedo Cloud now includes both our Aperio wireless locks and Pulse electronic locking solution, self-powered by energy harvesting technology offering the flexibility of electronic locking with the familiarity of mechanical security. This extension delivers on our commitment to keep the Incedo ecosystem growing, to help businesses meet their changing needs now and in the future.”

“Because Incedo is built to be agile and flexible, switching between online and autonomous management is always seamless, for both users and administrators,” adds Joachim. “The only difference is how credentials are managed: online or via updaters. This new functionality helps businesses futureproof their access management to face whatever challenges may come their way.”


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