I-Pro launches world's smallest multi-directional PTZ

Tokyo, Japan

I-Pro Co. Ltd is set to expand its multi-sensor line with a new multi-directional + PTZ camera. The WV-X86531-Z2 is, according to the company, "the smallest and lightest outdoor rated multi-PTZ of its kind in the industry". It features powerful edge AI capabilities, advanced cyber security, and vandal resistance for the widest possible deployment options.

The multi-sensor camera offers high-quality, efficient coverage of wide areas, and when integrated with a powerful PTZ camera, security operators have the best of both worlds. Traditional multi-sensor + PTZ cameras can tend to be heavy and bulky which has relegated their deployments to exterior, elevated mounting positions. The new outdoor-rated and vandal-proof WV-X86531-Z2 camera is nearly half the weight of competing multi-directional PTZ cameras. At only 8.4 lbs. (3.8 kg) and is 9.8 x 7.5 inch (250 x 195 mm), it is presented as the most discreet camera of its type currently available. By deploying a smaller camera, operators benefit from lower mount heights and improved viewings angles for better AI performance.

“Multi-directional plus PTZ cameras are not new to the market, but I-Pro set out to make one that was more suitable to deployment in a variety of beneficial situations,” said Bill Brennan, President, I-Pro Americas. “We believe we’ve created the smallest, lightest, outdoor and vandal proof option on the market. The fact that it’s also packed with AI-enabled analytics, makes it the best camera of its type we’ve ever seen.”

The camera supports up to four 5MP multi-sensors in addition to the 2MP PTZ sensor. Each multi-sensor has a 3.2mm focal length and a 97° field of view supporting up to 360° of panoramic coverage. The in-built auto-tracking PTZ camera features a 21x optical zoom and 4.0 to 84.6mm focal length. The camera is completely integrated so there’s no need for double assembly, and no calibration is required between the multi-sensor cameras and PTZ camera to set the angle of view.

AI Analytics and Auto-tracking

Additionally, the WV-X86531-Z2 is offered as the only multi-directional + PTZ camera currently available with AI edge-based analytics, supporting four unique applications on the multi-sensor array and two unique applications on the PTZ for high accuracy notifications and forensic search. The camera comes pre-installed with a robust set of free AI-assisted analytics. AI-based object recognition enables a seamless hand-off from the multi-directional lenses to the PTZ while AI auto-tracking ensures the PTZ doesn’t lose lock on the subject. Operators can also interact with the camera by simply dragging a box around any object in the multi-sensor image to automatically move the PTZ camera to that position for a closer, auto-tracked look.

For example, a security operator could use I-Pro’s Active Guard forensic search plug-in with VMS alerts to send a notification when a person wearing a red shirt and brown shoes enters a building. The I-Pro multi-directional + PTZ camera provides continuous 360° of coverage and compares each object to the search criteria. Once a person matching the search sounds the alarm, the system can automatically pan and zoom in on the person to verify that it is truly the individual that they are searching for.

The WV-X86531-Z2 contains a secure element which complies with the FIPS 140-2 level 3 standard for cybersecurity resiliency. It also comes with a digital certificate issued by GlobalSign. The camera is IP66, IP67 and IK10 rated allowing it to be mounted in a variety of indoor or outdoor areas for complete flexibility without fear of damage from the environment or vandals. Available in either black or white, the WV-X86531-Z2 model includes four multi-sensors while the WV-X86530-Z2 contains three. All I-Pro multi-directional models are NDAA and TAA compliant.


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