Hikvision launches Optimus for Hikcentral partner integration

Hangzhou, China

The new Hikvision Optimus is a system-level middleware product, for integration of events, alarms and data synchronisation between Hikcentral and other systems like access control, building management systems, and IoT devices.

For example, integrating Hikcentral with access control systems via Optimus software helps customers operate more efficiently. This integration enables users to quickly and easily receive door alarms, grant or deny access, and synchronise user credentials in both systems.

Optimus middleware features connectors that bridge third party systems with Hikcentral, regardless of their coding standards. This ensures long-term, uninterrupted, continuous integrated operations.

Optimus offers a wide range of advantages, for exmaple, the majority of use cases can be completed using only one connector as Optimus integrates multiple products and systems.  In addition, the easy-to-use graphical interface enables integrators with no programming skills to build custom “if-this-then-that” scenarios to match exact customer needs. Third parties can also develop their own connectors with Optimus based on their own API/SDK and thus achieve rapid integration times.  And finally, a built-in health monitoring function provides the operator with a real-time insight into the integration status.

The Optimus product comes with a flexible and distribution-friendly licensing structure for the connectors. This structure allows connector developers to stay in control of usage, yet determine pricing at their own discretion.

“We are very excited to launch an offering that represents a completely new and truly scalable approach to integration with Hikcentral. Optimus will enable Hikvision installers and technology partners to easily integrate their systems with Hikcentral,” says James Iacuessa, Senior Product Manager from Hikvision.

Based on its third-party software development kit (SDK), Hikvision has created a number of connectors with Optimus software-- Paxton Net2 and Amag Symmetry. 


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